Our Company

About Us

ESSA’s initial focus is in the treatment of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a male hormone (androgen) driven malignancy, and six decades of drug development have resulted in continuous improvements in anti-androgen therapy. Yet resistance commonly develops to drugs.

ESSA had developed a new class of drugs, the “anitens”. These drugs interrupt androgen-driven biology in a novel manner and are active even in the setting of resistance to current anti-androgen therapies.

Achieving Our Goal

The development of novel cancer therapeutics is a complex task.

ESSA’s experienced management and scientific staff utilize cutting-edge biology and chemistry along with a global network of scientists and clinical investigators to assist in conducting a first clinical trial.

As we enter into clinical development, we look to partner with patient advocacy organizations. We share the goal of better treatment for prostate cancer patients with our various stakeholders and we commit to partnering with them to achieve this goal.